Acting Neighborly

Acting Neighborly

My dear disciple, Lyron Elbaz, lives in Lyon. His home is near that of a fierce anti Semite. One day, my disciple told me, “Rebbi, I have no doubt that this man is from the seed of Amalek. Whenever my family celebrates a Jewish holiday, he protests vociferously with his virulent vilifications.”

“Can you give me an example?” I asked.

“Certainly,” was his immediate reply. “Every Shabbat, as we sing the Shabbat zemirot at the meal, he bangs on our mutual wall and shouts at us to pipe down.” Then he continued, “Honored Rav, this is but one example out of many. My non-Jewish neighbor eschews anything tinged with holiness. I am certain he is descended from Amalek.”

“This is your opinion. If you were to ask me, I think your neighbor is actually a Jew. If any sign of Jewishness evokes an attack of anger, it is only due to the Jewish spark hidden in his soul. As it senses anything Jewish, this spark begins to grow. But before it has a chance to become fired up with a Torah life, the Yetzer Hara becomes enflamed and injects his neshamah with revulsion and repulsion for all things Jewish. This is why he openly demonstrates his objection to anything having to do with religion.”

My disciple was dumbstruck at this interpretation of events. But I was not finished yet.

“What I would advise you to do,” I said, “is to go over to the man and cordially ask whether or not he is Jewish. You may be very surprised by what you hear. Come back to me with his answer.”

He was taken aback at my words, but agreed to do as I had instructed. He later reported the following: He had approached his neighbor in a pleasant manner, and related that he wanted to improve relations between them. At first, the man was skeptical, if not suspicious. But he finally acquiesced to my pupil’s request and invited him into his house. When my pupil asked whether he was a Jew or gentile, he roundly asserted that he was a true-blue Frenchman. He assured my pupil that no Jewish blood ran through his veins.

They entered into a friendly conversation, and then, in a confidential tone, the man said, “I have a piece of paper with writing, which my mother left me before her death. But it is written in a strange language. Therefore, I was never able to read it. Maybe you can decipher her last will to me before she died?” He put the page in front of him.

My disciple’s surprise at this man’s openheartedness only matched his shock to discover the message written in – Hebrew! His mother bequeathed to her son the missive that he was a Jew. She signed her name Liba, a common Ashkenazi name.

When the neighbor realized he was a Jew, he began unwinding the thread of his life-story. He said that he was the son of Holocaust survivors and had never been informed of his Jewish ancestry.

After some investigation, the man discovered that he was truly a son of the Chosen Nation. With time, he became closer to his heritage. He recognized his Creator and ceased his denunciations of his fellow Jew’s customs. It was in the merit of his neighbor that this man returned to his roots.

Mishlei (3:17) states, “Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace.” Only with words of Torah, words of pleasantness and peace, was this man saved from his attitude of anger. And his soul was saved from spiritual assimilation and annihilation.


Acting Neighborly

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Raanana’s Nakhalat David First Grade Boys Division Messibat Chumash

Raanana’s Nakhalat David First Grade Boys Division Messibat Chumash in presence of the Rabbi’s son, Rabbi Yoel Pinto and the school’s director, Rabbi Dov Strauch.


Shiur by the Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto Shlitah in the city of Lyon - Hevrat Pinto Lyon.

Shiur by the Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto Shlitah in the city of Lyon - Hevrat Pinto Lyon.

Chiour du Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto au Collel Kol Haim - Raanana

Dans le cadre inspirant du Collel Kol Haim à Raanana, le Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto a transmis un chiour entouré du Rav de la communauté, Rabbi Yoel Pinto, et des Raché Collelim, Rav Avraham Magnouz, Rav Chimon Malka et Rav Elazar Barness.

Au cœur de cette rencontre mémorable, le Tsadik a abordé une question fondamentale qui intrigue souvent les esprits : Pourquoi la fête de Pourim est-elle si étroitement associée à la consommation de vin ? Avec sa sagesse éclairée, le Rav a dévoilé les secrets cachés derrière cette tradition séculaire en lien avec la faute de Adam et Hava et le serpent.

Le Rav a également souligné l'importance de l'étude de la Torah et d'avoir des ambitions de croissance dans celle-ci, encourageant chacun à voir grand.

Le Rav a pris le temps d'explorer en profondeur le concept de l'orgueil et de la vanité, mettant en lumière leur nature destructrice dans la vie spirituelle. En expliquant que le petit aleph dans Vayikra ויקרא, qui est traditionnellement écrit plus petit que les autres lettres, symbolise l'humilité et la modestie nécessaires pour approcher l'étude de la Torah.

De même, le petit mèm dans la Parachat Tsav מוקדה rappelle l'importance de rester humble dans notre service divin, plutôt que de laisser l'orgueil s'installer dans nos cœurs.

En conclusion, le Rav a souligné l'importance cruciale de prier quotidiennement et avec ferveur pour les soldats engagés dans les combats à Gaza, ainsi que pour les otages, les blessés et les malades.

À la fin du cours, tous les participants ont reçu une bénédiction chaleureuse du Rav, qui a béni l'ensemble de l'assemblée avec des vœux de Pessa'h cacher vésameah, leur souhaitant une joyeuse et paisible fête de Pessa'h.

inauguration of Bet HaTavshil (meals for the needy) “The Heart of Yaakov” in Netanya

Today’s inauguration of Bet HaTavshil (meals for the needy) “The Heart of Yaakov” in Netanya, with the Tzadik, Rabbi David Pinto Shlita.

The Rav affixed the Mezuza and blessed this project with success.

The Rabbi explained that “On three things the world stands: on the Torah, on prayer/worship and on acts of loving kindness/piety."

Short Summary in Video of The Inauguration

  • Blessings from the Rabbi
  • Affixing of the Mezuza
  • ⁠The Rabbi made a Bracha in honor of the inauguration
  • ⁠Visit of Bet HaTavshil



The Feast of Purim 5784 with Rabbi David Pinto

Small summary of Purim 5784 with the Tsadik, Rabbi David Pinto Shlita and his son Rabbi Yoel, Rav of Kehilat Kol Haim Raanana.

Like every year, we had the privilege of hosting our Avrechim to learn with our congregants after the reading of the Megilla.

A Seuda Reviit was also held in honor of Motzae Shabbat.

The evening was capped off with a prayer in honor of the defense forces, the hostages, and all of the sick and injured led by Rabbi Mikhael Pinto, Rav of Kehilat Beth Devora in Netanya and son of the Tzadik, Rabbi David Pinto Shlita.

The following morning, we held two Minyanim, one at Netz followed by a small breakfast and dancing in honor of Purim with the Rav Shlita.

and another Minyan at 8 AM, followed Megila reading led by Rabbi Yoel Pinto Shlita.

Many also had the opportunity to receive a special bracha from the Rav Shlita and present him with their Mishloach Manot.

We were happy to host once again our annual Purim Mishteh with the Rav Shlita and his family.

michté pourirm rabbi david

Please see below some of the videos showing the wonderful festivities.

We merited listening to Divre Torah from the Rav Shlita, who also led us in Kaballat Ol Malchut Shamayim. It was definitely a memorable experience.

May Hashem accept our prayers and may we see the freeing of the hostages, the healing of the sick and injured, and the protection of our defense forces and the entire Jewish people, Amen!

Morning prayers in the newly established Orot Haim VeMoshe in Lakewood

Shachrit (morning prayers) in the newly established Orot Haim VeMoshe in Toms River (Lakewood, NJ) with the Tzadik, Rabbi David Hanania Pinto Shlita. This center includes a Bet Knesset, Bet Midrash and Kollel.

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Raanana’s Nakhalat David First Grade Boys Division Messibat Chumash

Actualités du Rav

Shiur by the Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto Shlitah in the city of Lyon - Hevrat Pinto Lyon.

Actualités du Rav

Chiour du Tsadik Rabbi David Pinto au Collel Kol Haim - Raanana

Actualités du Rav

inauguration of Bet HaTavshil (meals for the needy) “The Heart of Yaakov” in Netanya

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